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Pavilions & Pergolas

Pergolas and pavilions merge sophistication with serenity, offering a versatile extension of your living space. Perfect for dining, entertaining, or unwinding, these structures are crafted for longevity with high-quality materials and expert construction, enhancing the scenic beauty of your landscape with their architectural charm.

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Your sanctuary in the shade

Pergolas and pavilions are not only robust and visually captivating but are also crafted with your lifestyle in mind. 


We'll help you envision the ideal use of your new shaded area—whether for grand seating arrangements, intimate gatherings, or as a tranquil outdoor dining space. With a range of designs from the ornate to the understated, we ensure your structure is not just a feature but your new favorite place.

Schedule a free consultation with us

Discover the elegance and durability of our pergolas and pavilions with a free consultation. To start designing your perfect outdoor retreat, contact our team today.

View Our Work

Take a look at a selection of our pergolas and pavilions that showcase the breadth of style and function we offer for your outdoor space.

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Whether it's an opulent poolside pavilion or a rustic, natural wood pergola for your outdoor dining space, our expert craftsmen will bring your vision to life. Bask in the fresh air, come rain or shine.

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