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Drainage, Erosion and Shoreline Stabilization

Drainage issues can wreak havoc on a landscape. That’s why we provide long-lasting drainage solutions including slope correction, relocation of water drainage pathways, and shoreline stabilization for lakeside homes.

Drainage Halifax, Pittsylvania County VA

Water runoff protection

As your house and property age, settling can cause issues as can changes to your landscape. In order to avoid water damage from pooling water or slope runoff, we offer a variety of reliable drainage solutions.

If your home is experiencing pooling that seeps through sliding doors, we offer relocation of drains and drain pathways to deter the water to another location. For homes with slopes or lakeside properties, our retaining wall options and slope correction can protect your property from erosion and future damage.

Erosion and shoreline stabilization

For lakeside homes whose property meets the water’s edge, land erosion and shoreline destabilization can become real problems. Our specialists design and construct shoreline stabilization solutions and creatively address chronic erosion by halting long-term water destruction to your property.

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