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Landscape Design in Pittsylvania County, VA

Creativity, expertise, and selection of the right materials come together to develop gorgeous patios, retaining walls, outdoor lighting, fire features, and planting arrangements. We’ll work closely with you to create a versatile outdoor living space.

Paver Patio Pittsylvania County, VA

Paver Patio in Pittsylvania County, VA

Our patios combine creativity, comfort, and versatility. These highly usable outdoor spaces can become your central spot for dining, entertaining, and relaxing. Quality pavers and expert construction ensure your patio’s longevity and add to the beautiful view of your landscape.

Paver Patio Pittsylvania County, VA
Retaining Walls in Pittsylvania County, VA

Retaining Walls in Pittsylvania County, VA

Hold back erosion in an attractive way. Our dependable retaining wall designs and construction methods are long-term solutions for erosion and sloping issues. For steep grades, our retaining wall and stair combinations can open up new, multi-level usable spaces.

Outdoor Lighting in Pittsylvania County, VA

Set the tone of your outdoor gatherings with outdoor lighting that provides both safety and ambiance for the landscape. Highlight the best features—such as the patio and walkways—and create a soft glow. From built-in stair lighting to above-ground lawn lights, our designs will help light your way in the dark.

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Featured Landscape Design in Pittsylvania County, VA

Pittsylvania County, VA

Pittsylvania County, nestled in the southern region of Virginia, is a diverse area celebrated for its historical significance and natural allure. Established in 1767, it encompasses a tapestry of landscapes and landmarks that offer a glimpse into its storied past.

One iconic landmark is the Chatham Historic District, an enchanting area listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This district boasts an array of impeccably preserved architecture dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, including stately antebellum homes, churches, and the renowned Chatham Hall. Exploring this district provides visitors with a captivating journey through the county's history.

Another notable feature is Smith Mountain Lake, a sprawling reservoir spanning over 20,000 acres. Revered for its scenic beauty and recreational opportunities, the lake attracts outdoor enthusiasts keen on boating, fishing, and strolls along its shores.

With its blend of historical landmarks and breathtaking landscapes, Pittsylvania County beckons travelers to uncover its rich heritage and explore the wonders of Virginia's countryside.

Ready to take the first step toward enhancing your outdoor living? We’re ready to share our ideas or add to yours.

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