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3 Long-Lasting Drainage Solutions to Protect Your Home in Halifax County and Pittsylvania County, VA

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

3 Long-Lasting Drainage Solutions to Protect Your Home in Halifax County and Pittsylvania County, VA

Anyone with a home in Halifax County and Pittsylvania County, VA, may have a need to address a water drainage issue—it’s a common issue for homeowners. The great news is that professionals can install long-lasting drainage solutions that will protect your landscape and house, whether you are building a brand-new home or you are dealing with existing drainage challenges.

Do You Have a Drainage Problem?

It can be frustrating having to deal with basement flooding every time you have a heavy rainstorm. If this is the case for you, the water drainage system for your home could be either nonexistent or needs to be updated. Even if you don’t have flooding issues, puddles can be a problem. Puddles in your front or backyard may look innocent enough, but standing water can cause damage to your home’s foundation. This can lead to cracks in the foundation, cracks in your walls of the house, and a variety of other issues that you will not want to have to face, such as mold growth.

Depending on the specific issue with drainage at your home, a professional can create a plan for a long-lasting drainage solution that will protect your home.

Relocation of Drainage Pathways

For an existing home experiencing water drainage issues, this may mean that the drainage pathways need to be relocated. Perhaps your home does not have an existing drainage pathway and the water simply pools up near your home. Either way, a professional can relocate the drainage pathways or install a drainage pathway for you. This can involve installing PVC piping underground to help route the water into a more desirable location that will not cause damage to your home or surrounding landscape.

Retaining Walls

If your home is located on a large slope or hill, you may benefit from having a retaining wall installed. Retaining walls help control the water flow and also help prevent erosion, which is the washing away of soil and its nutrients. Even if you are not near a slope, a retaining wall near your home can help prevent damage to the foundation since it helps prevent erosion. Essentially, retaining walls help divert water and prevent flooding and damage to your home.

Slope Correction

If your home is on a steep hill or slope, you may want to consider having the slope corrected to better manage water drainage. Heavy rainfall can cause slope runoff, which can cause damage to your landscaping and potentially your home. Ideally, the ground slopes away from the home so that water naturally drains away from your home rather than toward it.

Slope correction can involve the movement from soil from one area to another. The soil can be used to adjust the slope of the land so that it directs the water to a more suitable location that will not cause damage to your home.


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