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Discreet Solutions: 3 Drainage Fixes That Aren’t an Eyesore in Halifax County, VA

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Discreet Solutions: 3 Drainage Fixes That Aren’t an Eyesore in Halifax County, VA

Are you experiencing water pooling up on your lawn? Or perhaps the land is being washed away when there are heavy rainstorms. These issues at your Halifax County, VA, home can be resolved with professional drainage solutions.

While you may initially worry that the addition of a drainage system or implementation of a drainage solution will turn your beautiful landscape into an eyesore, there are discreet options available that will maintain your attractive landscape while also resolving your water drainage concerns. Here are three drainage fixes that you may want to consider.

Slope Correction

If you live near the bottom of a steep hill, you may be experiencing water infiltration in your home. As rainwater rushes down the hill toward your home, it may seep through your doors or enter your basement. Water infiltration can cause a variety of problems, both to the structure of your home and to the health of your family as it can encourage mold growth.

With slope correction services, a professional landscape company can grade out the land to level out the slope. This effectively slows down the flow of water by reducing the slope. This process involves digging up the dirt and using it to level out the land and then compacting the soil. It’s important that the ground slopes away from your home so that water is not able to drain toward your home, but rather drains away from it.

While initially you may be left with bare dirt, many landscape contractors can create a landscape design that will complement and aid in the water drainage process. Plants naturally help soak up water in the soil, so plantings can be used to help alleviate some water management issues. Before long, your landscape could transform into one that’s even more beautiful than it was before.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are also a great way to slow down the flow of water on a steep slope. In some cases, tiers of retaining walls may be needed. This creates various levels of flat land throughout your landscape.

While retaining walls can be built with materials that are aesthetically pleasing, the flat land can also become more functional. You could use this space to have a beautiful outdoor kitchen or paver patio built. Natural stone slabs could be used as stairs to connect the various areas. Plus, don’t forget to have a variety of plantings added to further beautify this space.

Drain Relocation

If water is not properly draining away from your home or other structures, or if rainwater is being directed to an undesirable location, it could mean that your drains need to be relocated. Perhaps you have unsightly drains that are currently making your property the eyesore of the neighborhood and you want a drainage solution that’s more discrete.

Many landscape professionals can relocate your drains so that rainwater is directed to a desirable location where it does not wreak havoc on your landscape. In addition, these drains can be buried or otherwise hidden so that they are not an eyesore.


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