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Give Your Person County, NC, Front Yard a Refresh With a New Landscape Design

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Give Your Person County, NC, Front Yard a Refresh With a New Landscape Design

Are you ready for a landscape design refresh for your front yard at your Person County, NC, home? A professional landscape company can design and build the kind of front yard that you will love for years to come. Here are some of the ways that you can refresh this area of your landscape.


Paver walkways can be an impressive addition to any landscape. With a wide variety of colors, textures, and shapes, paver walkways can add character and style to your front yard. You could also choose to have a carved concrete walkway, which emulates the appearance of cut rock. This masonry feature adds a natural and rustic look to any landscape. But may not want to keep the beauty of such a walkway contained to the front yard. You could choose to have a particularly long walkway that wraps around your home and connects your various outdoor living spaces.

Water Features

Imagine a front entrance with a beautiful water fountain. It would add a sense of elegance to your landscaping. You could also choose to have a waterfall installed that cascades down into a small pond. Water features are an impressive addition that you will be sure to get lots of compliments on from your guests and possibly your neighbors.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can make the exterior of your home look warmer and more welcoming. You will appreciate the bright landscape when you arrive home in the evenings, and your guests will appreciate being able to locate your home easier.

With strategic placement and installation, outdoor lighting can add depth and character to your front yard. For example, various lighting methods could be incorporated into the design. You could have spotlights shining on special features in your front yard, such as decorative elements or gorgeous plantings. When bright lighting is placed near the top of trees to shine downward, it creates shadows on the ground that move when the wind blows. It’s a magical effect that will make your landscape more dramatic.

Retaining Walls

Does your front yard consist of a steep slope, rendering it basically unusable? Having a retaining wall installed can double as a way to make your front yard more usable, but can also improve the design and style.

A steep slope can cause water drainage concerns, potentially causing the soil to wash away and take the essential nutrients needed for plant growth along with it. Retaining walls help slow down the flow of water to prevent these problems from occurring.

Carved concrete and wall blocks can both be used to build a retaining wall. Each has its own benefits and both are stylish additions to any landscape. Carved concrete could be viewed as having a more natural look, while some wall blocks have a smooth and tidy appearance.

A professional landscape designer can create a plan for a retaining wall that will also serve as built-in seating in your front yard space. When visitors arrive at your home, you can simply take a seat and chat without ever needing to invite them into your home.

You could even have a fire feature added to this space to create an additional outdoor living area in your landscape. Simply discuss your ideas with your professional landscape company representatives, and they can make recommendations and create a plan that you will be happy with.


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