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How Proper Drainage Can Solve Your Landscape Problems in Granville County and Vance County, NC

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Drainage Granville County NC - Drainage Vance Country NC

Over time, drainage issues can start to appear in a landscape in Granville County and Vance County, NC. If you have any issues related to water that is pooling, flooding, or damaging parts of your landscape, you could be experiencing a drainage issue. These issues can be caused by a variety of factors including errors in home construction, problems with the grading and slope of your landscape, improperly placed plant beds, faulty drainage systems, or natural environmental issues.

Preventing Flooding

One of the most common symptoms of drainage issues is flooding. This can include water collecting in your basement, overwhelming storm drains, or water pooling in areas of your lawn or hardscape surfaces. If you notice any issues like this in your landscape, it’s a good idea to seek professional help.

Drainage solutions to prevent flooding can include slope correction, retaining walls, and relocating drainage pathways to move water more efficiently. These solutions require the advanced knowledge and expertise of professionals, as a difference of a few inches can alter a drainage solution’s effectiveness.

Shoreline Solutions

If your property is located on a lake or other body of water, you may experience different drainage issues related to erosion and destabilization of the shoreline. In this case, different drainage solutions will be needed to ensure that you don’t have any further damage to your property.

Experts in shoreline drainage solutions can offer a number of different systems and methods to stabilize the shoreline and address chronic erosion in a way that prevents long-term damage to a property. Professional expertise is essential in dealing with drainage issues, as you want precision, as well as a system that will last over time.

Eliminating Damage to Your Property

If your property is experiencing drainage issues, it’s usually a good idea to deal with them sooner rather than later. Improper drainage can cause major damage to both your home and your landscape. Some issues that may arise include basement flooding, damage to the exteriors and foundation of your home, killing of plants, damage to your lawn, and damage to hardscape surfaces.

Addressing your drainage issues with the professionals can be a great way to make sure you understand what is happening, and ensure that you avoid any future damage to your property from water.

Reducing Your Landscape Stress

Even if you notice tiny drainage issues that may not cause major damage, it is a good idea to address them quickly. This way, you can eliminate any worry about those issues getting worse over time and damaging your property.

By consulting with drainage professionals, you can gain the peace of mind of understanding any drainage issues that might arise on your property, and knowing that you have long-term, sustainable solutions in place to avoid them.

Helping the Environment

Dealing with any drainage issues in your landscape can have an impact on the larger environment. Issues such as improper water runoff can overwhelm storm drains, causing larger issues in your area’s sewer system. In addition, drainage issues can lead to environmental issues like erosion and harm to plants.

When addressing drainage issues on your property, you can create a system of water flow that imitates the conditions of the natural world, keeping your own plants and soil healthy, while also being a better part of the larger environment around you.


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