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Spend More Time in Your Outdoor Living Space With Improved Outdoor Lighting in Vance County, NC

Spend More Time in Your Outdoor Living Space This Year With Improved Outdoor Lighting in Vance County, NC

Strategically planned outdoor lighting can completely transform your outdoor living space in Vance County, NC. A proper plan can include various types of lighting that could turn your front or backyard into the perfect oasis that you can enjoy during the evenings just as much as you do during the daytime! Let’s take a look at some of the many ways outdoor lighting can be used to transform your outdoor living space.

Path Lighting

Having well-lit paths isn’t only just for safety, but it can also make the landscape beautiful. When walkways are well-lit, the space is more welcoming. Your guests will appreciate the lights when they arrive at your home in the dark.

Oftentimes, path lighting will also light up the areas surrounding the walkway too. These areas often include flower beds or other landscaping features that can be highlighted. These lights could improve the overall aesthetic of any outdoor space.

Well Lighting

Well lights are installed into the ground, which makes them suitable for illuminating columns or other architectural features. They create an elegant glow that will improve the ambiance of your outdoor living space. Since they are installed flush with the ground, they are a safe outdoor lighting option because they are not a tripping hazard.

Another benefit of well lighting is that they can go directly into the grass, so mowers can pass over them without problems.

Pool Deck Lighting

If you want to be able to enjoy your pool deck well into the evening hours, having pool deck lighting installed will be a must. Frequent splashing can lead to slippery surfaces. Considerations will be made to ensure that getting in and out of the swimming pool in the evening is safe while also establishing a beautiful glow for when you are drying off on your lounge chair with a drink in hand. The best outdoor lighting plans tend to factor in both practicality and beauty, when you are in the water and out of it.


Whether you want to be able to increase the security around your home or you simply want to have a brightly-lit front or backyard after the sun goes down, floodlighting can be a great option. Floodlights are installed high up so that they shine down on the outdoor space and flood it with light. Floodlights can cover large areas and may be appropriate for lighting up your large paver patio.


Spotlights highlight certain features. Whether these features are a plant, a water fountain, or even a tree, there are countless options for using this type of lighting. When placed at the base of a tree to shine upward, the light creates shadows that dance when the branches move in the wind. This method is called moonlighting. Spotlights can be used for silhouetting and shadowing.

Using a variety of these methods can make your outdoor living space more functional and beautiful all year long! Your landscape contractors can create a plan that will light up and improve your outdoor space.


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