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Why an Outdoor Fireplace/Fire Pit Should Be Part of Your Paver Patio Design in Mecklenburg County VA

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Why an Outdoor Fireplace/Fire Pit Should Be Part of Your Paver Patio Design in Mecklenburg County VA

As you enjoy the cool breezes and changing leaves of fall, you may be thinking about adding some extra warmth to your outdoor space in Mecklenburg County, VA. One great way to enjoy your outdoor space for longer is to include an outdoor fireplace or fire pit in your paver patio design. An outdoor fireplace can offer a number of advantages, including serving as a central focal point and adding to the interest of your overall landscape design.

Warm Up Your Outdoor Space

Fire features bring beauty and warmth to outdoor living spaces. These features can help to create a cozy fall feeling that will make you want to spend time outside with a blanket and some hot apple cider.

To capture some of that heat on the cooler evenings, you could consider how both an outdoor fireplace and covered patio would look in your backyard. You’ll gain the benefits of shelter during rainy days and shade on the hotter days. With the protection from the elements, outdoor heaters could be an option to keep you outside longer even in colder weather.

Light Up the Nights

As the days get shorter and shorter, outdoor lighting becomes more important than ever. Often when it comes to outdoor lighting designs, less is more. With a few key features you can create enough light to allow you to enjoy your outdoor space without adding so much light that it will ruin the beauty of nighttime.

Paired with some other intentionally placed outdoor lighting features, an outdoor fireplace would extend your outdoor nighttime hours. The warm, flickering light of the fireplace or fire pit is sure to make nights outside more magical.

Elevate Your Entertaining

An outdoor fireplace can help to define a space that’s great for fall entertaining. With the warmth of a crackling fire, your guests will be drawn to your patio to enjoy the fall season. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit can provide the perfect space for gathering, and help set the ambiance.

If you’re considering an outdoor fireplace, it can be good to think about entertaining ideas that help to center this feature. Depending on what type of fireplace you decide on, you can have s’more nights with your kids, or homemade pizza parties that will impress guests of any age if you opt for a pizza oven.

Complement Your Patio Pavers

An outdoor fireplace can create a number of interesting design possibilities. When thinking about different styles and types of outdoor fireplaces, also keep your patio pavers in mind. Ideally, the colors, textures, and style are complementary.

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to your fireplace style, take some time to gather inspiration from other fireplace designs, whether they be in person or online, and talk to your landscape company to get some ideas of what would look good in your space.

Create an Outdoor Room

An outdoor fireplace affirms where the main gathering space is. Done well and with care, it can be the start of a luxurious outdoor living “room.” In addition to a complementary paver patio to your fireplace, what else would make this area of your landscape welcoming and relaxing? A comfy couch? Even a TV? There are a number of options for creating an outdoor room around an outdoor fireplace, including creating a cozy space for relaxation, a warm dining area, or an outdoor kitchen.


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