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4 Tips for Incorporating a Paver Patio in Your Person County, NC, Landscape Design

4 Tips for Incorporating a Paver Patio in Your Person County, NC, Landscape Design

Many times, a new landscape design starts with a critical feature in particular—the paver patio. This is the place where the action will occur when your landscape transformation in Person County, NC, is complete. As you think about the styles and colors you would like for this paver patio, you will also want to consider what types of activities and moments that you want to share with your friends and loved ones in this space. You may find that additional features will help you develop the type of experiences that will always be remembered.

Fire Pit or Outdoor Fireplace

One way to ensure those wonderful memories are made in your backyard oasis is to include a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace. Fire features are natural gathering places. The warmth of the fire and the glow of the flames make them the perfect place to gather, talk to friends and family, and stay warm. With a fire pit, you can enjoy roasting marshmallows even on a chilly evening.

An outdoor fireplace tends to be a bit more formal, but just as enjoyable. Cozy up near the outdoor fireplace with your loved ones while sipping on a warm mug of hot cocoa. Either fire feature will allow you to spend more time outdoors longer into the chilly seasons.

Outdoor Dining Area

Enjoying a delicious meal is often a form of socializing. Sitting down at a patio table in your outdoor dining area can be an extra special experience. You may want to make sure that this area has some form of shade for the daytime, such as a pergola or patio furniture with an umbrella. In the evening, you can have candles on your outdoor dining area creating a parallel glow to your fire feature, to add to the ambience. This area could become a favorite location in your backyard, not just for eating but also for playing games or simply talking.

A Place to Rejuvenate and Relax

Most of the time you probably will not be hosting overly large gatherings of people at your home, but you will simply be home with your family enjoying everyday life. To have your backyard handle both types of scenarios, you could make sure that your patio area is also ideal for relaxing and rejuvenating.

Water features, for example, can provide serene soundscapes to make your time spent on the patio even more wonderful. Significant greenery can add to the view.

Retaining Walls

Not only could retaining walls provide extra seating for when you have a large gathering and not enough patio chairs to go around, but they can help define activity zones. For example, a border wall along your patio can separate the patio from the lawn so that the adults can spend time chatting on the patio while the children play in the grass.

Retaining walls can also separate areas within the patio itself, such as separating the outdoor kitchen from the dining area or from the fire pit. When the materials are chosen alongside the patio pavers, this landscape feature can greatly improve the overall aesthetic of your outdoor spaces.

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