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2 Paver Patio Design Ideas Perfect for Entertaining in Vance County and Person County, NC

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

2 Paver Patio Design Ideas Perfect for Entertaining in Vance County and Person County, NC

Now that social gatherings are happening again, you’re probably excited to host your friends on your patio. But is your patio ready? Many patios fall short - they’re either too small for any gathering over a handful of people; or, they’re awkwardly designed with poor traffic flow; or, they’re just not all that appealing. If it’s time for a patio upgrade, here are 2 paver patio design ideas perfect for entertaining in Vance County and Person County, NC.

1. The Chef’s Dream

If cooking up a feast for your guests tops your list of must-haves, then your patio design will revolve around an outdoor kitchen. This cooking space could be as simple as a grill station with a seating bar, or as elaborate as a full chef’s kitchen complete with a wine cooler, smoker, griddle, cooktop, and Kamado grill. Either way, its location is key: as they say in real estate, “location, location, location.”

Keep in mind the image of a wheel when designing an outdoor kitchen meant for entertaining: at the center is the hub (the cooking space); radiating outward is the dining space, a fireside entertainment area, a pergola-covered seating area, and a hot tub and/or pool area. This doesn’t mean a patio has to be round: any shape will do, as long as the central hub is obvious and easily accessible and low-activity spaces are on the perimeter.

Traffic flow to and from the outdoor kitchen must be clear and easy: no having to move chairs or bar stools so that people can move around. Ensure plenty of space around seating areas: if this means a bigger patio with a smaller lawn, then it’s a wise investment; since most lawns are underutilized (and disproportionately high-maintenance) it’s likely to be a feature you won’t miss, but you will appreciate the added comfort of a well-designed outdoor living space designed to hold a crowd.

2. The Fireside Chat Room

Cozying up with friends after a great meal (or for cocktail parties) may involve gathering around a fire. Whether it’s a fire pit, fire table, or a majestic outdoor fireplace, you’ll get the best results if you position your fire feature along the outer perimeter of a patio, out of the flow of traffic, creating a cozy space.

If you have a retaining wall alongside the patio, this is a great opportunity to integrate an outdoor fireplace into it. The walls give the space a living room feel that can be enhanced with outdoor art and sheltered by a pergola for extra comfort.

A fire table (which does double duty as a dining table) could be positioned close to the outdoor kitchen, to add drama to your parties. This is the one fire feature that could be prominently placed centrally in a patio as a functional central feature (a dining space), although creating a peninsula just for a fire table allows your guests to gather in smaller groups, around the outdoor kitchen and around the fire table.

If a fire pit is your top choice, ensure at least 8 feet around the fire pit for placement of chairs and easy movement. A fire pit could be located on the main patio, or become a destination when placed on a peninsula or completely remote from the patio. A round patio space around a fire pit echoes the shape, while adding visual interest to an otherwise very linear space.


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