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5 Paver Patio Design Concepts that Complement a Retaining Wall in the Halifax County, VA, Area

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

5 Paver Patio Design Concepts that Complement a Retaining Wall in the Halifax County, VA, Area

Retaining walls are often under-appreciated features of a landscape. They can be primarily utilitarian features to hold soil back in a sloping area, but there are so many ways you can combine a paver patio and a retaining wall for a stunning outdoor living space in Halifax County, VA. A stone wall can open up opportunities for new activity areas or features that will significantly upgrade your space.

A Split-Level Patio

With multiple levels, one cohesive paver patio design can establish two or more outdoor living spaces, with a retaining wall providing a decorative boundary between the multiple “rooms.” Crowding everything you’re envisioning into one patio can start to look busy and cluttered, but incorporating an additional level can give you different spaces for different purposes.

One way to think about what you want in a multi-level patio is to imagine the different outdoor rooms you would like to have. With a multi-level paver patio, you can have a separate room for relaxation, an eating space, an outdoor kitchen, or even a pool area.

Matching Wall and Outdoor Fireplace

Fire features can be a great way to make any outdoor living space stand out. They always make any space feel cozier, and can provide some much-needed heat on colder evenings. The outdoor fireplace and adjacent walls can be made of the same materials, which could help to establish the sense of one seamless space.

A Shaded Patio

Adding a covered area to your patio could ease the transition from indoor living to your outdoor living space. With a pergola or pavilion, your patio becomes more of an outdoor room, creating a beautiful, shady space to relax.

A pergola can be a great addition to the upper part of a split level paver patio with a retaining wall. The retaining wall then helps to separate the covered area from the rest of your outdoor living space.

You can get creative with the type of pergola you incorporate into your patio, by choosing different types of materials, different colors, or hanging foliage. Your landscapers will work with you to explore the different options, and find the one that’s best for your space.

Extra Seating for the Paver Patio

With a chair-height retaining wall, you can add extra seating to your paver patio. This is a common design concept used with fire pits, or other areas built for relaxation and entertaining. A seating wall can help increase the number of people who will fit comfortably in your space, or just have some more room for you and your family to spend time outside.

More Intimate Areas

Your outdoor living space is a place for making memories. You can do this with large entertaining spaces, but it’s also important to remember the smaller moments you’ll enjoy with close friends and loved ones.

For an expansive patio, it is possible to set aside smaller spaces that can be designated as little nooks for conversation. A retaining wall and plants could help create a space that feels private, and incorporates a different kind of beauty than you might find in other parts of your paver patio.


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