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6 Landscape Design Essentials for a Complete Outdoor Living Area in Person County, NC

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

6 Landscape Design Essentials for a Complete Outdoor Living Area in Person County, NC

Have you been thinking about upgrading your patio this season? A few key amenities will make it the absolute best experience. To help you decide on the ones with the most impact, here are 6 landscape design essentials for a complete outdoor living area in Person County, NC.

1. A Smaller Lawn, and a Bigger Patio

Although a lawn is beautiful to look at, most lawns are actually rarely used and require a significant commitment to upkeep, just to keep it looking good. A big trend is to move away from the endless sea of lawn toward more usable patios - where we actually spend our time recreating with friends and family.

The modern patio is much more than simply a larger concrete or paver slab; it’s often a series of interconnected yet separate outdoor rooms, which give everyone an opportunity to enjoy being outdoors in the way that they like: cooking, entertaining, relaxing, working, playing, or napping. If you have a sloped property, consider it a golden opportunity to create multi-level living spaces, each with their own character and activity levels.

Surrounding your patio with native plants will maintain a gorgeous and lush natural look around your outdoor living area. This approach makes your landscape more eco-friendly and gives you back your weekends which you’ll love spending on your customized patio.

2. Shelter

Pavilions create welcoming shelter, which will make you more inclined to use your outdoor space whether the sun is blazing down or a sudden downpour threatens to move everything indoors. Pavilions are more versatile than pergolas in that both have open sides to allow for plenty of air flow; but pavilions feature a solid roof to keep out the elements. Add a bar (or full outdoor kitchen) and an outdoor fireplace to your pavilion and you’ll want to spend most of your time enjoying life outdoors.

3. Fire

Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces create a cozy atmosphere. Best of all, they extend the outdoor season nearly year-round. You are already paying for your outdoor space; why not use it more? Thanks to the warmth and coziness of fire, you can. To jazz up entertaining, consider a gas-fueled fire table, which is the best of both worlds: gathering around the fire, yet with a place for dinner plates.

4. Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are essential for a great outdoor experience. Many people are moving beyond the simple grill station. Even the traditional gas or charcoal grill is slowly being replaced by kamado grills, smokers, wood-fired pizza ovens, and full outdoor kitchens that feature indoor amenities in a weatherproof package that transform the cooking area into the hub of outdoor living.

5. Secluded Spaces

Everyone deserves a private retreat where they can unplug and relax completely. A big trend is to transform an often underutilized side yard into a cozy personal retreat. You’ll need tall privacy fencing, a pergola for shade (and additional privacy if you have nearby neighbors), a small paver patio or pea gravel pad to minimize mud, soft lighting, a soothing water feature, and a comfortable lounge or hammock. If you have teens, this will likely become their favorite hangout away from the main patio.

6. Water

Bring tranquility and visual interest to your outdoor living areas with a water feature. Whether simple or extravagant, water - like fire - is a natural focal point that makes you want to spend as much time outdoors as possible.


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