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Always Be Ready to Entertain Guests: 5 Landscape Design Ideas in Vance County & Granville County, NC

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Always Be Ready to Entertain Guests: 5 Landscape Design Ideas in Vance County & Granville County, NC

If hosting social gatherings is a top priority at your home in Vance County or Granville County, NC, areas, you will want your landscape design to accommodate your upcoming parties, such as ample room for conversing and designated areas for cooking and dining. Here are five landscape design ideas along these lines that you may want to consider.

Outdoor Kitchen

With a well-thought-out outdoor kitchen, you will be able to spend time outside with your friends and family while you prepare and cook the food for your gatherings, rather than repeatedly having to go in and out of your home from the outdoor space to your indoor kitchen.

You can customize your outdoor kitchen to meet your needs. Perhaps you just want a small outdoor kitchen with only the basics like counter space and a grill. Or maybe you want a luxurious outdoor kitchen with every feature imaginable, such as a pizza oven, grill, stovetop, oven, refrigerator, a built-in cooler, sink, and extra counter space. Either way, a landscape design professional can help you create the perfect design uniquely for you.

Outdoor Living Area

With an outdoor living area, you and your guests will have a comfortable spot to sit and relax. It could include ample space for comfortable patio chairs and an outdoor coffee table. If you have this area arranged under a pavilion, you could entertain your guests outdoors whether it is sunny or raining. Many homeowners enjoy having a TV in this space so that they can host social gatherings on big game days.

Fire Features

There is no doubt that the glow and warmth from a fire set the tone for a beautiful gathering place. You can have a fire pit or outdoor fireplace built, with its design depending on how much of a focal point you want your fire feature to be and whether it will be primarily a gathering spot or a regular place to toast marshmallows.

Imagine hosting a fall party in your outdoor space on a chilly evening. You can sip from mugs of hot cider while enjoying good conversation with your guests. An outdoor fireplace could create the perfect ambiance for your gathering.

Outdoor Sound

Most social gatherings are not complete without music for ambiance. Music helps to make everyone feel more comfortable, and can also provide opportunities for dancing. With an outdoor sound system, you and your guests will be able to clearly hear the music no matter which section of your outdoor living space you are in. Even better, these outdoor sound systems can often be controlled via your smartphone with Bluetooth capabilities.

Outdoor Lighting

If you plan to host outdoor gatherings in the evenings, then outdoor lighting is an essential to include in your landscape transformation. Not only does it brighten up the space, but it can also add ambiance. For a brightly lit landscape, you may want to consider floodlighting. Otherwise, there are numerous lighting techniques that can be used to give character to your outdoor space. You may want to specifically include walkway and stairway lighting in your landscape plan. This type of lighting clearly marks the areas for walking, but also helps prevent trips and falls since your guests will be able to see clearly.


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