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6 Landscape Design Ideas to Meet the Needs of an Active Family in Person County, NC

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

6 Landscape Design Ideas to Meet the Needs of an Active Family in Person County, NC

For an active family in Person County, NC, a desirable landscape design is one that can keep up with the many ways that multiple people like to spend their time outside. Here are six of our top landscape design ideas that could be perfect for a busy family.

Luxurious Patio

There are innumerable memories to be made by spending time together out on the patio. A luxurious patio will include all of the features that you can dream of. An outdoor kitchen, for instance, can keep all cooking activities—any visitors—outside. This could be where you pass on your culinary mastery to your heirs. An outdoor dining area will keep sticky messes outside and make cleaning up much easier. And having a shaded or covered area on your patio will allow your family to be comfortable no matter the weather.

Open Area for Play

For a home with younger children, you may want an open area with plenty of room to run around and play. Your kids will love running around on lush green grass, throwing a ball, or playing tag. A strategically arranged landscape design could provide the perfect view for parents and friends to watch the kiddos from the paver patio.

A Fire Feature

When the weather gets colder, your family will appreciate the warmth of the fire. As the kids get older, they will still be “cool” enough to hang out with their parents by the fire feature—or they could have a welcoming place to invite their friends. You may prefer a gas-fueled fire feature as a safer option for your busy family. You may wish to have a fire pit, which is ideal for roasting marshmallows. Or you may wish to have an outdoor fireplace installed where your family can gather and converse.

Outdoor Sound System

Included in the landscape design could be finer details that will not affect the overall look of your outdoor spaces but will affect the overall experience. An outdoor sound system can be enjoyed every day and be especially handy when you are hosting birthday parties or other gatherings. The outdoor sound system is made to withstand various weather conditions and can even be installed so that it blends in with the surrounding scenery.

Distinguished Outdoor Lighting

To encourage spending more time outside, even in the darker hours, ambient outdoor lighting could compel family members to enjoy the landscape and the beautiful view. Such lighting extends the ability to enjoy the landscape while also calling attention to the special elements you have included in your landscape design, such as water features.

A Relaxing Space

With an active family, you likely get exhausted after a long day corralling everyone. A relaxing space just for you can be rejuvenating. You can play spa sounds on your outdoor sound system, or have a water fountain, small pond, or even a waterfall installed so that you can always enjoy the natural sounds of trickling water. This relaxing space doesn’t have to be a large area but could simply be a corner of the yard that is secluded by green plants. You can use this area to sit and read a book or even take a nap.


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