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An Outdoor Living Area Isn’t Complete Without Proper Outdoor Lighting in the Caswell County, NC Area

An Outdoor Living Area Isn’t Complete Without Proper Outdoor Lighting in the Caswell County, NC Area

Your Caswell County, NC outdoor living area is likely a space that you look forward to spending plenty of time with friends and family. However, the space is not complete until you have the proper outdoor lighting installed. With a strategic lighting plan, you can brighten up your property in many ways. Here are some outdoor lighting ideas for inspiration:

Entertainment Lighting

For a paver patio or large outdoor area, ample outdoor lighting will allow you to utilize the space through all hours of the day. Lighting along the edges of your patio can create a warm glow and set the mood for evening conversations.

If you have an outdoor kitchen, then you might consider task lighting or under the cabinet lighting in order to provide enough lighting so that you can prep and cook meals into the evening hours, without interfering with the ambiance that keeps everyone talking in the meantime. For an outdoor dining space, a controllable, less bright lighting would provide just enough illumination to properly see the meal.

Fire features and seating walls offer additional areas for outdoor lighting—lighting can be installed into the wall blocks of your retaining wall or even placed as uplighting along the bottom edge of the wall and facing upward. Such lighting can call attention to the beauty of your masonry features

Pool Deck Illumination

Poolscapes need lighting wthi in the pool itself along with the area surrounding the pool. Recessed lighting can be installed into your pool deck to provide ample lighting after exiting the pool, while walkway lighting can be placed along the walkway heading toward your pool to help guide guests on where to walk.

Entryway Lighting

When people first walk up to your home, they are going to take notice of your entryway. You always want your guests to feel welcome when they arrive at your home and entryway lighting can play a part in this feeling. Lighting that lines the walkway up to your front door as well as lighting along any retaining walls in the front yard can help illuminate your entryway. If you want to brighten your front door entrance, you can also consider strategically placed lighting in front flower beds along your home.

Efficient Lighting

When making outdoor lighting decisions, you might want to think about the use of LED lighting. LED lights emit less heat than a standard bulb and can run for many hours before needing to be replaced. LED lights also give off different visible light spectrum colors that can help deter insects, making your outdoor living area more enjoyable.

In addition to LED lighting, the fixtures chosen will need to be rated for outdoor use, and the colors and brightness will determine the ambiance that you are hoping to achieve. Warmer lighting will give a cozy feel, but bright white lighting is going to feel more modern.


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