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Retaining Walls Surrounding a Driveway Opens Up Spots for Outdoor Lighting in the Caswell County, NC

Retaining Walls Surrounding a Driveway Opens Up Spots for Outdoor Lighting in the Caswell County, NC, Area

Retaining walls can be ideal additions to a landscape for both functional and aesthetic reasons. If you are considering the addition of a retaining wall to surround your paver driveway in the Caswell County, NC, area, here are some ideas for outdoor lighting in this area of your home.

Recessed Lighting

When the retaining wall is constructed, outdoor lighting can be installed into the wall itself, to bring a beautiful glow to your paver driveway. This would not only provide more visibility to your parking place but create a welcoming look and feel to your front entrance.

The addition of lighting that is built into a retaining wall will also provide a more aesthetically pleasing and elevated appearance to your home and driveway.

Strategic Uplighting

If you do not want to have lighting installed into your retaining wall, you can also consider uplighting to bring attention to the retaining wall at night. Lights can be strategically placed along the base of the retaining wall to showcase the expert masonry and the wall’s fine textures.

Highlight Plantings

A retaining wall that surrounds your driveway can also provide additional space for planting trees, shrubs, and flowers. If a large planting installation is part of your landscaping updates, then you will likely want to be able to showcase your beautiful new plantings all hours of the day.

There are a variety of outdoor lighting options that can be used to highlight your beautiful trees and shrubs. Uplighting can be pointed directly at particular areas or you can have pathway lighting installed along the perimeter of your retaining wall to softly brighten the entire space.

Wall-Washing Technique

A retaining wall can provide a unique lighting option with wall-washing. This lighting method involves a light being placed a short distance from the wall that shines on it at an angle. In turn, it will create an attractive lighting effect and can immediately transform the ambiance of the space.


Downlighting is an outdoor lighting option to consider if you have a retaining wall surrounding your driveway. Instead of lights that are placed at the bottom and shine up, lights can be installed into the top portion of the retaining wall and then shine downward toward the adjacent walkway or driveway. It will provide ample lighting to see in the evening hours along with a unique aesthetic appearance.

Customized Appearance

Retaining walls not only provide an abundance of spots for outdoor lighting, but it allows for more customization of outdoor lighting, in terms of where the lighting is located as well as the style of light you want installed. Whether you want a modern or more traditional effect, there are practically endless options.

Landscape lighting can be made to be more warm or bright. For someone who wants a soft evening glow, then a warmer, yellow lighting would be better. However, if you want to really brighten up the space then you might consider lighting that is bright and looks more white.


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