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Customize Your Outdoor Fireplace in Halifax & Mecklenburg County, VA With Design & Material Options

Customize Your Outdoor Fireplace in Halifax County and Mecklenburg County, VA With These Design and Material Options

Your outdoor living space in Halifax and Mecklenburg County, VA can be the place where you spend the majority of your time (weather permitting). The addition of an outdoor fireplace can allow you to enjoy the space even on the cooler days. Not only will a fireplace in your outdoor living area provide additional warmth, but it also creates the ideal ambiance for hosting guests. Here are some ideas to consider for the design and materials of this fire feature.

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Choose Your Style

You may be someone that knows exactly what they want for their outdoor fireplace, but if you don’t that is okay. Your landscape contractor will be able to help you narrow down what your specific style is and what you will enjoy seeing in your outdoor space.

A mid-century modern outdoor fireplace may have simple vertical illness and gridwork on a portion of the fireplace. A full wall on your patio will provide the ideal backdrop for a mid-century modern style. The center of the wall could be painted in a dark color and flanked by white segments on each side. The custom wood accents will bring out that mid-century modern design.

For a more contemporary style, you might consider having your outdoor fireplace designed as a long rectangular shape with a double-sided fire opening. Mixed materials will be used frequently in this style, with the addition of monochromatic marble tiles or sleek concrete. The laying pattern of the tiles can be juxtaposed with vertical elements.

Large stacked blocks that are whitewashed will provide a transitional style of fireplace. The interior of the fireplace can be black and the addition of a wood pergola over the space will create the style you are looking for.

Material Selection

There is a large variety of materials that can be used for an outdoor fireplace depending on the style that you are looking to achieve.

Stacked stone can be used for a modern or geometric style, but if you prefer the more traditional look then a standard brick can be used as well. Stone and brick can be found in many different colors and textures, whether you want something more earth-toned with plenty of texture or a smooth, sleek design.

The incorporation of metals such as copper or stainless steel can add accents and unique elements to your outdoor fireplace. If you want to have the addition of a mantle, reclaimed wood or a steel beam can be utilized.

Benefits of an Outdoor Fireplace

Besides warmth, an outdoor fireplace can create a calming ambiance that can be most welcome when you have friends and family. The warm glow of the fire creates a peaceful environment that will encourage you to grab a blanket and cozy up with a glass of wine after a long day or sit and have intimate conversations with the people you love most.

An outdoor fireplace can also serve as the focal point of your landscape design. It helps to create a visually striking feature that not only welcomes people, but will encourage them to stay and enjoy the area a little bit longer. The materials and design of your fireplace will make your space stand out to anyone visiting your home.

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