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Don’t Cut the Party Short! Outdoor Lighting to Your Landscape in Person County & Caswell County, NC

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Don’t Cut the Party Short! Outdoor Lighting to Your Landscape in Person County & Caswell County, NC

As summer becomes a distant memory, are you looking back and wishing you could have spent more time outdoors in your Person County and Caswell County, NC, landscape? When landscape professionals add outdoor lighting to your property, you can enjoy those long evenings on the patio without having to go inside when it gets dark.

Illuminate the Front Entry and Driveway

Whether you are entertaining a group or have planned a family barbeque, an illuminated entryway and driveway area will be helpful in making guests feel that they are still welcome even though the sun has gone down. Your landscape professionals can design and install outdoor lighting that brings out the best in your front landscape and improves visibility for entering and exiting your property.

They can install recessed lights into or along the driveway for better visibility as you and your guests enter and park on the driveway. Upgrade from a single lamppost at the joining of the driveway and front sidewalk with discreet light fixtures nestled in the landscape beds along the driveway sides.

Your landscape contractor may recommend the outdoor lighting that can best illuminate the driveway entrance from the street. Doing so can add to the visual appeal of your front yard. Perhaps lighting could be added to the pillars along your driveway, or strategically placed uplights could bring attention to your beautiful front-yard trees.

At the same time, additional lighting could be incorporated into the front walkway, for a clear and comfortable route from your driveway to the front door. You can choose light fixtures that intentionally illuminate the walkway surface or decorative light fixtures that can be admired and add to the ambiance.

With spotlights focused on the trees and lighting added to the landscape bed perimeters, your front landscape can be lovely after the sun sets.

Light Up the Backyard

Backyard illumination can be another crucial space for spending more time outside. Once your guests have arrived safely due to the attractive front landscape lighting, the lighted walkway can direct them to the backyard patio.

Lighting your patio can allow you to remain outside longer in the day. This can be especially helpful when you have an outdoor kitchen and outdoor dining space within the patio design.

You might want to have dinner later in the evening for the adults to spend time together without the kids. The landscape lighting can make this comfortable and easy. Your guests can serve their plates at the outdoor kitchen and find a seat at the outdoor dining table when the floor surfaces have a gentle glow and the pergola overhead has custom light fixtures that can be dimmed or brightened to your preference.

Along with the patio illumination, landscape lighting professionals can add spotlights to the tree trunks to highlight the bark and wash lighting to the fencing or boundary shrubs, to clearly mark where the outdoor party spaces begin and end.

Every landscape lighting design will be different since no two properties are identical. This can be where a landscape contractor offers suggestions you never considered that can transform your outdoor spaces after dark. Then, you can entertain or relax outside for as long as you wish on a lovely evening.


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