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Don’t Let Poor Drainage Ruin Your Landscape Investment in Pittsylvania County, VA

Don’t Let Poor Drainage Ruin Your Landscape Investment in Pittsylvania County, VA

When a landscape is beautiful and well-cared for, it’s something to take pride in and admire on a daily basis. To ensure your landscape will continue to be beautiful for years, proper drainage is worth significant consideration, as poor drainage in outdoor spaces Pittsylvania County, VA, can cause extensive damage to your landscape—and even your home.

Indications of Drainage Problems

Sometimes the signs of a drainage problem aren’t as evident as you might think. An obvious sign that there is a drainage issue on your property will be standing water. You might notice small areas where water is pooling, whether that is in your grass, your flower beds, or by the foundation of your home.

Other signs that indicate potential drainage problems include washed away mulch and plants. If you continuously notice that your plants or mulch are washing away after a storm, this could be a drainage issue. A less obvious sign is cracking in sidewalks and driveways. This could potentially mean that water is continually running over and beneath these surfaces, causing structural damage to these aging features on your property.

Poor Drainage Can Cause Extensive Damage

Poor drainage can potentially cause damage to every aspect of your property. A large amount of water such as from a downpour or significant snow melt can cause pooling in your landscape. Not only can it cause damage to your lawn, but large amounts of water can also cause movement of mulch in your flower beds or garden.

Drainage issues can potentially not only affect your lawn and landscape, but it can cause problems with your home’s foundation. Water that flows downhill on your property and to your home can lead to mold and mildew in your basement and possibly even foundation issues.

Insect and Pest Concerns

Standing water and drainage problems can contribute to insect and pest problems. Insects such as mosquitoes love standing water and if you continue to have water pooling in your yard then you may find an infestation of mosquitoes. Not only are they annoying, but mosquitoes can cause health concerns. A landscape contractor can look out for standing water and explore options for eliminating it.

Drainage Solutions

If you believe you might be having drainage problems, then there are several solutions that a drainage company can provide to divert the water elsewhere.

When water is sitting close to the foundation of your home, then a French drain can be a reasonable solution to the problem. This involves a trench being dug around the perimeter of your home, gravel being laid down, a perforated pipe being laid down on the first layer of gravel, and then finally the trench being filled with more gravel. The French drain can be entirely covered by grass and plantings and thus can be unnoticeable.

Another common solution to drainage solutions is a retaining wall. Retaining walls can be highly effective in this regard for a landscape that slopes downward. Unlike other drainage solutions, retaining walls can offer beauty in their own right—various choices of wall stone could complement the design of your landscape and home.

Your landscape contractor will be able to work with you to determine the exact drainage problems that you are having and what the best solution will be.


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