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How Outdoor Lighting Can Keep the Fun Going in Person County, NC

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

How Outdoor Lighting Can Keep the Fun Going in Person County, NC

When you and your family are having fun outside on a lovely evening, the last thing you want to do is go inside because it is getting dark in your yard. Person County, NC, Outdoor lighting can change that by extending the day with strategic illumination. Then you can remain outside as long as you wish.

Front Yard and Entry

Part of the fun when the weather is nice can be to invite friends and family over for an outdoor barbeque. Having ample light for them to make their way to the car can carry the warm ambiance you have set in the backyard to their exit from your home.

A landscape professional can also add lighting to the driveway entry for illumination so that you and your guests can see clearly as they exit the property while also sensing that they are still welcome at your home anytime. The right level of illumination sets a warm, welcoming tone throughout the nights that you provide outdoor entertainment.

Retaining walls: As you discuss outdoor lighting with a landscape professional, this can be the perfect time to inquire about adding a set of retaining walls on each side of the driveway for an attractive and defined driveway entry. Lanterns to sit atop the walls can make the driveway entry clear and allow the lighting to shine on your street numbers with a clear focus. Plus, the look of stacked stone retaining walls can give your property the welcoming sense you want to convey for your guests.

Driveway and front walkway: Along the driveway and edging the front walkway, a landscape professional can incorporate discreet lighting to shine on the surfaces and the shrubs planted along the edges so you and your guests can see these outdoor spaces clearly.

Trees and front landscape beds: Here is where spotlights can be added to highlight interesting textures after dark. The landscape beds can have gentle lighting that shines up into the shrub base for illumination there. You can opt for lighting to outline the perimeter of the front yard landscape beds, too.

Home foundation: Soft wash lighting that shines on your home’s foundation can illuminate the look of stone or brick, and shine up the side of the house for an eye-catching look. If you have noticed a neighborhood home with illumination on the house, you know how much this lighting can elevate the night time appearance.

Backyard Illumination

The backyard is often the hub of family fun, which calls for the need to properly light this outdoor space, to set a warm mood for ongoing play and conversation. Perhaps your patio has even more light so that you can have the option of being able to play card and board games long into the night.

Lighting the kids’ play area can let them have fun while you visit with the adults. Lighting for the trees and landscape beds can increase the attractiveness of your backyard and highlight your favorite parts, while helping you to see the kids as they play in the darkened yard.

If you have a sports court, a landscape professional can add lighting to this so you can play pickup with your teens, and they can play with their friends. Even a putting green can have proper illumination for those times when you need to unwind and practice your golf swing.


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