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Landscape Design Ideas for a Natural Look in Caswell County, NC

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Landscape Design Ideas for a Natural Look in Caswell County, NC

If you love the concept of a Caswell County, NC, landscape design that looks natural and practically unplanned, you’ll need to know that there’s actually some planning involved to get it done right. These design ideas can help your landscape look natural and pretty without being too structured.

Remedy an Elevation Change with Landscape Stone

If your property changes elevation between the front and backyards or in another area, landscape stone can be what you need to transition from one space to the next. A landscape professional can design a stone wall where the oversize stone fits together like puzzle pieces.

Not only can this add definition to your property, but the stone placement can look like art in your landscape design. Huge stone can be mixed with smaller sizes to create a mosaic appearance that stands out in the space.

Add Stone Steps

Stone steps are a natural material that won’t deteriorate over time. They remain where they are placed for secure steps to move up or down in the landscape. A landscape professional can make the stone steps as deep and wide as you prefer for proper footing.

Consider a Special Walkway

To add to a natural look but also provide clear navigation, a stepping stone path could be a beautiful addition among an expanse of grass.

Use Pea Gravel

Another wonderful and natural-looking option can be having a pea gravel walkway from one space to the other. Once the gravel packs down, the surface can be stable and easy to walk on as you walk to your patio or carry drinks to the fire pit.

Choose Sustainable Mulch

In keeping with a natural landscape aesthetic, choosing a sustainable mulch like smooth, small stones will keep the moisture in the landscape beds for the shrubs and flowers to stay hydrated. Within the large landscape stone, a landscaper can plant wispy, tall flowers and ground cover for a naturalized planting pattern.

When the shrubs and plants grow in their native pattern without being trimmed, this can blend well with the other landscape design elements that are still in their natural state.

Incorporate a Fire Pit

Fire pits can be round, square, rectangular, or a custom shape to bring the unique beauty of fire to your landscape. A landscape professional can use the same oversize stone as the retaining wall around the fire pit for a natural look, or they can plan symmetrical wall stone with flat coping for a more curated appearance.

The flickering warmth of fire can draw everyone one outdoors even on a summer evening. When placed strategically in the backyard, the wood-burning fire pit can feel like a destination. Any time you feel like pulling out the marshmallows, you can roast them for s’mores treats!

Landscape Plants and Shrubs

Perennial flowers and plants return year after year to make your new landscape design interesting and inviting. Supplemented with seasonal flowers, your outdoor spaces can reflect the time of year in floral beauty.

When you work with a skilled landscape professional, they can share your vision and accomplish that look in your front and backyards for a landscape design that flourishes over time.


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