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Looking for More Outdoor Living Space? 4 Landscape Design Ideas for Inspiration in Person County, NC

Looking for More Outdoor Living Space? 4 Landscape Design Ideas for Inspiration in the Person County, NC, Area

If you are thinking about a new landscape design for your Person County, NC, area home, then you might be considering ways to add more outdoor living space to your backyard. There are many different features that can be considered and you might not be sure of what you want while making the most of the space you have. You could take into account these four design ideas to get the most out of your outdoor living space.

Start With a Paver Patio

Many times, a landscape design will only include a small concrete patio to put a dining table and chairs or barely enough space for a grill. However, when thinking about your landscape design, it is worth considering a large paver patio that can accommodate any outdoor living features that you might enjoy.

Paver patios are completely customizable depending on the size you want, style, and color combinations of pavers that are possible. Maybe you love the look of natural stone and prefer a rustic effect or you’d like a modern, sleek design. Either way, you are sure to find a paver style that will suit your taste while creating an eye-catching patio for you and your guests to enjoy.

If you are limited on space for a patio design, you might speak to your landscape contractor about a multi-tier paver patio. This can allow you to include more outdoor living space with additional features such as an outdoor kitchen on one level and a fire pit with seating on another level.

Consider a Fire Pit

A fire pit can be one of the most inviting features to add to your outdoor living space. Whether you want to cozy up after a long day at work or roast marshmallows with the kids on the weekend, it can provide years of entertainment and memories for you and your family.

To create a more inviting space, you can have comfortable chairs or an outdoor sofa for everyone to enjoy. If you are short on space, consider a retaining wall that can be built near the fire pit to provide more seating when you have a larger number of guests over.

Create an Outdoor Cooking Area

A grill station or full outdoor kitchen will contribute greatly to more outdoor living space. If you have the space for an entire outdoor kitchen, this can be a great addition to your backyard. An outdoor kitchen will allow you to prepare and cook meals while spending time with guests instead of running back and forth inside.

For areas that may be smaller, a grill station can still provide the same benefits of being able to cook meals outdoors while not taking up as much space.

Choose Plantings Accordingly

Plantings offer the finishing to an outdoor living space. They need to be selected and installed carefully to not take up more than their allotted space when they fully mature. Your landscape contractor can determine what plantings would provide an aesthetic appeal for your backyard.


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