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Make the Most of Including Retaining Walls in Your Landscape Design in Mecklenburg County, VA

Make the Most of Including Retaining Walls in Your Landscape Design in the Mecklenburg County, VA Area

The addition of a retaining wall to your landscape design at your Mecklenburg, County VA area home can serve many different purposes. This beautiful masonry feature can not only serve the purpose of assisting with soil erosion and drainage problems, but it can also be utilized for many other reasons. Here is how you can make the most of your retaining walls:

Addition of Plantings

A retaining wall can open up usable space in a landscape, making room for flower beds and planters, or even planting a row of shrubs and trees.

Definition of Space

Retaining walls can provide definition to outdoor areas. By delineating the separate and specific areas of your outdoor living space, it can provide additional intimacy and allow your guests to enjoy each individual landscape feature, such as your paver patio area, even more.

Fire Pit

A retaining wall can be a welcome feature to your fire pit area. By having a retaining wall constructed around your fire pit, it can provide additional seating for guests when they want to enjoy the glow of the flickering flames. Along with additional seating, a retaining wall can also protect the fire from any breeze that is blowing, while preventing any debris from entering the space. This will keep the space clean and allow you to enjoy the fire pit even when the wind is slightly blowing without risk of the fire going out.

Bordering Walkways and Stairs

A paver walkway can be complemented with the addition of a retaining wall constructed of similar material. It can add extra aesthetic appeal to the space by either having a retaining wall on one side of a walkway with beautiful plantings on the other side or two retaining walls on either side completely lining the walkway. It will allow your guests to admire the masonry feature while guiding them on where to walk.

Alongside an Outdoor Kitchen

Most of your outdoor kitchen can be constructed of retaining walls, as they can provide the foundation for any countertops and provide a natural looking contrast to any stainless steel appliances. Part of the wall could not only add visual appeal to the outdoor kitchen but provide a seating area for guests to enjoy a drink while you prepare and cook the meal. Once you prepare the food, you can also use the retaining wall to set the food down while you are waiting to take it over to the dining table.

Outdoor Lighting

Retaining walls can look more elegant and be clearly seen with built-in outdoor lighting right under the coping or lighting fixtures placed in front, all along the wall. Such lighting e placed at the bottom of the wall shining upward would showcase the beauty and fine textures of the wall blocks that you chose.


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