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Tips for Making Retaining Walls an Enhancement to Your Landscape Design in Person County, NC, Area

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Tips for Making Retaining Walls an Enhancement to Your Landscape Design in Person County, NC, Area

While most retaining walls can be specifically built to prevent erosion, these types of walls can also be an ideal addition to a Person County, NC, area landscape design for many other reasons. Here are some tips to make a retaining wall enhance your landscape design and introduce more definition to the outdoor spaces.

Retaining Wall Materials

While many retaining walls can be designed and built of beautiful stacked stone, your landscape contractor can match the wall surface to your home and landscape aesthetic. If your spaces are modern, they can use a sleek stone to increase the attractiveness of the landscape and ensure the look works well with your existing outdoor features.

When you love the look of rustic stacked stone, you have multiple options to create this aesthetic in your own landscape, whether you want real stone or wall blocks that look just like the real thing. Even the color tone of the stone can blend well with your other outdoor areas. Whatever you envision, a landscape professional can make it a reality.

Retaining Wall Functions

Retaining walls can be part of any area of your landscape. Each wall can solve a landscape problem or add symmetry and definition to your space.

Sloped landscapes: The base of a slope in the front yard can be an ideal spot to have a landscape pro add a retaining wall. Adding a wall there can create a stopping point for the slope and give you a specific landscape area. This can add a long strip at the bottom where your landscaper can plant grass for a contrast to the naturalized bank above the wall.

Definition for trees: Another great use for a retaining wall can be to help define trees in your landscape. This can look especially pretty when the retaining walls form a “U” shape around the tree bases. This can allow you to plant perennials and annuals for an added dimension to your landscape design. Imagine how gorgeous those flowers can look, spilling over the stone edges!

Side yards: Retaining walls can be what you need to turn an unused side yard into a small courtyard space. With retaining walls on each end of the side yard, a landscape professional can add a patio to fill the distance, giving you another space to enjoy your yard. The retaining walls could have steps on each end to give easy access to what becomes a quaint courtyard. With evergreen trees forming a living screen along one side, this can be your hidden oasis.

Driveway feature: A retaining wall complementing your driveway can work well when your driveway sits at a lower elevation than the front walkway. A landscape professional can eliminate that awkward sidewalk that your guests trudge up to get to the front door by designing and building a retaining wall with wide steps. This not only gives your guests a comfortable way to ascend from parking to walk to your front door, but it also can add more landscape space to extend the design. The steps can follow the landscape flow, while the retaining walls that flank them can hold your favorite flowering, ornamental trees.


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