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No Time Limits: Enjoy Your Granville County, NC, Gatherings Outdoors With an Outdoor Lighting System

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

The fun doesn’t need to stop when the sun goes down if you have an outdoor lighting system at your home in Granville County, NC. Enjoy all of your summer gatherings to the fullest without having to worry about your outdoor living areas getting too dark, because when the sun goes down the lights can go on. Here are some of the ways that an outdoor lighting system can help you spend more time outdoors this summer.

Illuminate Walkways & Stairways

When you have guests at your home, you want to be able to rest assured that everyone will be able to navigate your outdoor space with ease. Outdoor lighting installed along walkways and stairways is one way to make that happen.

Light fixtures can be installed along walkways to brighten up the path. You can choose light fixtures that accent the style of your home by choosing a finish that best matches. For example, you may choose light fixtures that are black, stainless steel, brass, or even copper.

Outdoor lighting can be installed directly onto the steps of your outdoor stairways. This helps brighten up each step so that your family and guests can see clearly, plus it helps to avoid trips and falls on the stairs.

Brighten Living Areas

Whether you are entertaining guests in your outdoor space, or if you simply want to enjoy a beautiful summer evening outdoors with your family, you will want to have ample lighting in your outdoor living areas. If you have an outdoor kitchen, a brightly lit space will make it easier to prep and cook.

Plenty of lighting in your outdoor living room will allow you and your family and friends to play games and have conversations all while still being able to see each other's faces. Outdoor lighting can be installed so that it fills an outdoor living area with light, or it can be more subtle to create a specific ambiance.

Improved Ambiance

Outdoor lighting makes a home appear more warm and welcoming. If you want to enjoy a romantic evening with that special someone, you can have dim outdoor lighting to make the moments more special. Having string lighting installed on a pergola can also create a beautiful ambiance for a variety of occasions.

One important strategy that is often used in outdoor lighting is making use of shadows just as much as you make use of light. Moonlighting can be installed, which is a lighting technique that involves placing a light near the top of a tree and shining it downwards on the tree branches and leaves. This creates shadows on the ground and adds ambiance to the space.

Highlight Special Features

When you have invested time and money into making your outdoor space impressive, you want to see it even when it’s dark outside. Spotlighting can be used to highlight special features throughout your landscape. Perhaps you have a statue or your home and outdoor spaces have architectural features that give them character—outdoor lighting can be used to highlight these spaces and draw attention to them. Not to mention, if you have water features such as a water fountain or waterfall, these impressive features deserve to be highlighted even at nighttime.


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