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Retaining Walls May Be What You Need to Create Your Dream Outdoor Space in Caswell County, NC

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Retaining Walls May Be What You Need to Create Your Dream Outdoor Space in Caswell County, NC

Of any improvement you can make to your Caswell County, NC, outdoor space, a retaining wall can be exactly what you need to establish your dream landscape. Adding retaining walls to the patio, walkway, or the base of a slope can improve your functional space and give you more areas to enjoy outdoor activities.

Retaining Walls for Patios

A brand-new retaining wall can make a huge difference in your patio space. Since this outdoor feature can be any height you prefer, you can choose to have the portion that faces your closest neighbors taller than the rest of the wall.

If you are thinking that a retaining wall with more than one height might look odd, don’t worry because your landscape professionals will ensure that the finished result will look amazing. One idea is to add an attractive water wall in the highest spot. Or you might prefer a trio of copper water spouts that spill gently into a basin below. While the best part of the water feature might be the sensory sounds it adds to your patio, the recirculating water capability could be a close second.

To create a distinct entrance/exit for your retaining wall, a landscape contractor can plan to add low columns on one side where the access to the grassy space lies.

Better Direction

Having your landscape professionals add a low retaining wall to your paver walkway can be another bonus. Not only does a stone retaining wall add textural interest and visual weight to your walking space.

Many times, a walkway can have an awkward slope on one side that can make landscaping difficult. When a landscape professional designs and builds a retaining wall there, you can have a clearly defined upper and lower space for landscape additions. Having delineated spaces can be helpful in choosing plants and flowers that will really make the walkway pop and elicit some “wow” statements from your guests.

Remedy a Slope

A slope, no matter how gentle or steep, can be a landscape problem. This can be where a retaining wall offers the perfect solution to what to do with this space. Mowing it can be tricky and landscaping it can be frustrating since much of it washes away with storms.

A stone retaining wall can hold back the earth for improved function within the landscape and give you additional areas to add outdoor living features like an expansion to your patio or a shady pergola for reading an afternoon book.

Outdoor Dream Spaces for Your New Areas

Consider adding an outdoor fireplace to your landscape for warmth and a soft glow. When you choose to add an outdoor fire feature, you and your guests will naturally gravitate to this space and when the weather cools, you can remain outdoors.

Create a pergola-inspired “room” with your landscaper for enjoying morning coffee and an end-of-the-night drink.

A well-planned retaining wall can open all sorts of possibilities for your outdoor living and landscaping needs. From an expanded paver patio with added privacy to fixing that problem slope that ruins your vision, a retaining wall can provide the answers you need to transform your outdoor areas.


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