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Why Retaining Walls Deserve to Be a Part of Your Paver Patio Design in Pittsylvania County, VA

Why Retaining Walls Deserve to Be a Part of Your Paver Patio Design in Pittsylvania County, VA

When you are having a paver patio installed at your Pittsylvania County, VA, home, you may also want to consider having retaining walls added too. These structures could add both functional and aesthetic benefits to your landscape. Here’s why.

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Extra Seating

You may have plenty of comfortable patio furniture on a weeknight, but when you have a large gathering you may not have enough seating to go around. When a retaining wall is built beside a patio, it can function as additional seating for guests. Imagine your guests taking a seat on the retaining wall to enjoy the view and company on the paver patio—and perhaps even the warmth from your fire pit.

More Usable Space

It is much easier to make use of areas that are flat rather than on a slope. A retaining wall, or even a series of retaining walls, can create additional flat areas where you can place seating, a fire pit, a water feature, and more. Depending on the size of the space, you may even be able to have a swimming pool constructed that would not have been possible before due to the slope. Each tier of retaining walls can be connected with steps, which are much easier to navigate than a steep hill.


The retaining wall itself can be constructed out of a variety of materials. Whether you opt for concrete blocks that match or complement your patio pavers, or you choose to have it built out of natural stone, the wall can add character to your outdoor living space and make it look and feel more complete. Even more, you can have beautiful plants and flowers planted to add greenery and color to your patio area.

Some homeowners choose to have a waterfall installed that runs down a series of retaining wall tiers. Not only does this add to the visual appearance of the patio area, but the soothing sound of water running down the waterfall is relaxing.

Defining Outdoor Spaces

A retaining wall helps define a space. The retaining wall can separate different areas of your patio, from the fire pit area to the outdoor kitchen area and beyond. Having defined spaces makes any patio area appear more contemporary. An addition of a pergola or other features helps establish a focal point in each space. With defined spaces, your guests can gather around the outdoor fireplace while others take a seat in the dining area. All the while, the cook can prepare a delicious meal in the outdoor kitchen while the children play in the backyard.

Prevent Flooding & Erosion

A retaining wall can be especially important for areas that are on or near a hill. Without a retaining wall to hold the soil in place, the soil can wash away in a rainstorm and cause erosion. This can mean a lack of nutrients in the soil as well as the potential for structural damage to your nearby patio or even your home. A retaining wall can also be an effective method of flood control. The retaining wall could help slow down the flow of water, which will prevent the nuisance of muddy puddles from forming in your yard.

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