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The Ultimate Outdoor Living Space Can Begin With a Paver Patio in the Granville County, NC, Area

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

The Ultimate Outdoor Living Space Can Begin With a Paver Patio in the Granville County, NC, Area

A paver patio can give you everything you need in a luxurious Granville County, NC, area backyard landscape design. It can be created to establish the ultimate outdoor living space that will host a group of friends for a party as easily as it can be your favorite refuge. Here are some of the best paver patio design ideas.

A Paver Patio with a Retaining Wall

While a paver patio in itself is special, adding a retaining wall can elevate its functionality. The pavers can set the tone for the color scheme and the retaining wall can echo those same colors.

Incorporating a retaining wall in a patio design can increase the privacy of your outdoor living space. This can be especially helpful when your house is close to neighbors. Even if your neighbors are friends, you might not want them to have a clear view of your patio at all times.

The retaining wall can be taller on one or more sides to offer a screen that limits the view of the patio to onlookers. Don’t worry that taller sides for part of the retaining wall will look odd since a landscape professional can use that wall as a focal point within the patio.

This area can be ideal for a water feature that spans a large part of the wall and brings the unique sounds of spilling water to your outdoor space. You would not want to underestimate the benefits of having a water feature as studies show that spilling water can lower your blood pressure and ease anxiety.

This can be the perfect spot to have them plant ornamental trees on either side of the water feature as well as climbing vines that produce bold summer flowers.

The lower retaining wall can offer casual seating for larger groups when you don’t have enough space on the furniture.

A Paver Patio with a Covered Bar

Another element that can upgrade your paver patio is the addition of a bar to the design. A stone bar gives your guests more places to sit and chat with you as you serve their favorite drinks.

When your landscaper adds a gable roof to cover the bar area, this can keep your party plans in place. The roof offers a place to add overhead lighting so you can see to mix and pour.

Many homeowners love the addition of a coffee bar on the opposite side where you and your guests can prepare simple and elaborate coffee drinks after dinner.

Other notable additions can be a fire pit nearby to bring warmth and gentle light of a fire to your outdoor living area. Having a fire pit lets your friends and family enjoy their drinks with their feet up by the fire. This feature invites memorable conversations and laughter.

A Paver Patio with Outdoor Dining

Dining outdoors is just more fun, and this can be an important part of your patio design. Adding an outdoor dining space can serve as a place to let all your guests sit together to eat, and it can be the ideal spot to set up a buffet for a very large group.

Whether you want to dine outside with your immediate family to catch up or you plan to host a holiday get-together, a paver patio with designated outdoor dining is always in fashion.


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