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Tips For a Low-Maintenance Landscape Design in the Danville, VA and Flat River Township, NC Areas

Updated: May 31

Tips For a Low-Maintenance Landscape Design in the Danville, VA and Flat River Township, NC Areas

A great way to ensure that your Danville, VA and Flat River Township, NC area landscape looks pristine throughout the year is by choosing low-maintenance landscape features. With the help of your landscape contractor, your landscape design can specifically focus on some additions that will not require as much upkeep as others while still adding beauty to your surroundings.

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Paver Patio and Walkways

When built of high-quality pavers, a paver patio and walkways can be quite easy to care for. They will help to designate exactly where your guests should walk when navigating your property while still remaining beautiful, even in high-traffic areas. Premium pavers are easy to clean if you perform an occasional light power washing or use a low-pressure hose to wash away any debris.

Pavers for a patio and walkway come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes, so you can have completely customized paver features that complement the rest of your landscape design. Some pavers are specifically manufactured to be stain resistant, so any spilled wine does not become an issue. Cleaning is rarely needed, and worrying when you have friends over eating and dining is kept to a minimum when you have stain-resistant pavers installed for your patio, pool deck, or walkways.

Expertly Installed Outdoor Lighting

LED lighting installed by your landscape company minimizes the need to change light bulbs as frequently and beautifies the view of the landscape at night while extending the amount of time you can enjoy your outdoor spaces with friends and family.

In addition to lighting that brings attention to your patio and walkways, you might consider task lighting for your outdoor kitchen. By making it as easy as possible for you to use your outdoor kitchen at any hour of the day, you can keep cooking smells outside and minimize the cleanup needed indoors.

Native Plantings

Although you may have specific plantings in mind when thinking about your landscape, one key to having a beautiful landscape all year long is to consider plantings that are native to your area. Native plantings are accustomed to our climate and are known for requiring less water than other types of plants.

Durable Retaining Wall

Not only do retaining walls serve a functional purpose by preventing soil erosion and keeping your landscaping intact, but they can also be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your landscape.

A retaining wall can also serve as a divider between different outdoor spaces you may have in your backyard. Whether you want to enclose a fire pit area, add a retaining wall as part of an outdoor kitchen, or use it to separate a beautiful garden area, a retaining wall made of durable masonry blocks can be an ideal low-maintenance addition to your landscape design.

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