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5 Landscape Design Ideas That Incorporate Outdoor Lighting in Mecklenburg County, VA

Updated: May 31, 2023

5 Landscape Design Ideas That Incorporate Outdoor Lighting in Mecklenburg County, VA

Your Mecklenburg County, VA outdoor space is likely an area where you enjoy spending plenty of time. However, the space may not look and feel complete until you have proper outdoor lighting. With a strategic lighting plan, you can brighten your landscape, which will allow you to enjoy it at all times of day. Here are five landscape design ideas for incorporating outdoor lighting in your landscape:

Idea #1: Paver Driveway and Walkway

If you are considering having a beautiful paver driveway built, you may want to also think about outdoor lighting at the same time. Not only will it keep guests from passing by your home by accident, but it will illuminate the space so guests can easily navigate where to park and walk up to the entrance of your home. The addition of outdoor lighting to your paver driveway and front walkway will create a welcoming ambiance and allow you to showcase the beautiful pavers you chose.

Idea #2: Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can serve a functional purpose to avoid soil erosion and help with drainage issues, but they also provide excellent spots for installing outdoor lighting. Lighting can be under coping or along the bottom of the walls to shine light upward.

If you have a fire feature in your landscape design, a retaining wall can be built around the fire feature to provide additional seating as well as to keep debris and wind from interfering with this outdoor living area.

Idea #3: Poolscape

Poolscapes not only need lighting within the pool itself, but the pool deck and surrounding areas will need lighting as well. Recessed lighting can be installed into your pool deck to provide illumination when exiting the pool, and walkway lighting can be placed along the walkways to and from the pool to help guests navigate the area.

Idea #4: Outdoor Kitchen and Dining

Having an outdoor kitchen provides you with the space to prepare and cook meals for your guests without ever having to leave your backyard. Gone are the days of running back and forth inside to check on food and missing out on quality time with your loved ones. If you want to enjoy your outdoor kitchen into the evening hours, you can consider task lighting and under-cabinet lighting to ensure the space is illuminated enough for you to easily put together a meal.

Along with an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor dining area adjacent to your outdoor kitchen will allow your guests to hang out while you are cooking and then have a dedicated area to eat once your delicious meal is complete. Overhead lighting can be installed in your outdoor dining area with dimmer switches so that you can adjust the lighting and set the ambiance as needed.

Idea #5: Water Features

Not only is a water feature beautiful to admire, but getting to enjoy the sounds of water as well will immediately make your outdoor space feel like your own personal oasis. If you want to enjoy your water feature into the evening hours, you can add outdoor lighting to this area to highlight its beauty. Uplighting will produce a stunning glow on your flowing water feature.


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