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5 Signs That You Need the Help of Drainage Experts in Caswell County and Vance County, NC

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Drainage Caswell County NC - 5 Signs That You Need the Help of Drainage Experts

Perhaps nothing can wreak havoc quicker than a drainage issue, and getting ahead of any potential damage is important. Water pooling on your lawn, cracks in your home’s foundation, and soil erosion are some of the signs that you likely need the help of drainage experts in Caswell County and Vance County, NC.

Water Pooling

One likely sign of a drainage issue is water pooling in your yard. After a heavy rain or snow event, it is normal to have some water pool on your lawn, but how quickly it dissipates will determine the effectiveness of your yard’s drainage system.

It is not typically normal for pools of water to cover your lawn long after the sun has come out. Water pooling in your yard is probably not a welcome sight since it can ruin a landscape and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. A well-designed drainage system will allow excess water to flow toward the curbs and storm drains.

A “Not So” Solid Foundation

When standing water is left to saturate the soil around a house, it can eventually lead to foundation issues with your home. As the soil around your home stays saturated, it can lead to settling, causing cracks in your foundation, horizontal cracks inside, and issues with your doors. In addition, standing water can leave a discolored and aged look to your foundation.

If Your Basement Can Talk

Your basement will be able to give you some signs as to whether you have a drainage issue. If you notice a buildup of white or gray crust on your interior walls, this can cause concern. This buildup is called efflorescence and results from the minerals left behind after the water has evaporated. A musty smell is often another reason for concern. That pungent odor of dampness is probably due to water seeping into your basement. Another would be discolored spots seen on the interior walls of your basement. The buildup of moisture on the other side of the wall is the reason for these unsightly spots.

Gutters That Gush

Gutters and downspouts, when properly installed, work to move water away from your property. If not installed properly, it can cause more problems. An overflowing gutter or a leader pipe failing to divert water from your house can lead to structural and lawn issues.

Look for dirt streaks along the sides of your downspouts and the sides of your house. The presence of streaks is from the dirt splashing up due to the water coming out of your downspouts very rapidly and washing the dirt away.


Poor drainage can weaken your soil, allowing it to wash away when it rains. If you begin to notice sediment and mulch settling on a flat surface (like a driveway or sidewalk), you probably have an erosion problem.

Over time the erosion can lead to ruined flower beds, noticeable holes in your landscape, and soil washout. Erosion can lead to problems around driveways, sidewalks, and patios by washing out the soil underneath, leading to a structure's collapse.

If living on a shoreline, it's more important to prevent bank erosion as there’s the risk of losing this protective barrier.


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