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5 Tips for Retaining Walls That Add Beauty to Person County, NC, Landscapes

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

5 Tips for Retaining Walls That Add Beauty to Person County, NC, Landscapes

When you first think about retaining walls, you may not think about them as adding beauty to a landscape. However, you might be surprised! Not only do they serve functional purposes such as soil erosion, but they can enhance the appearance of your entire outdoor space. Here are five tips for the type of a retaining wall in Person County, NC, that could add beauty to your landscape.

1. Incorporate Other Landscape Features

A great way to showcase the beauty of your retaining wall is to maximize how it will be used. Whether you want to utilize your retaining wall for built-in seating around a fire pit or add a water fountain near the retaining wall, the addition of other elements could establish it as a beautiful focal point.

2. Utilize the Retaining Wall for Plantings

A retaining wall can ultimately create more usable space in your landscape. Instead of only using the retaining wall for its intended purpose, such as soil erosion, you could utilize the new space it opens up with pretty flowers. Whether you want to add some vibrancy with colorful perennial or annual plantings or create a tranquil environment with plenty of greenery, additional plantings would add beauty to a retaining wall that might otherwise feel very simple.

3. Line a Bare Walkway

The sidewalk to your front door or from your patio to an entertainment area can sometimes feel long and cause guests to have to trek uphill. A great way to combat this is with the addition of a small retaining wall on either side of your sidewalk with some steps. This will not only make the walk easier for guests, but it will enhance the flow of your landscape design. You can then utilize the sides of the retaining walls to plant beautiful flowers, which will further elevate the overall aesthetic.

4. Take Materials Into Consideration

Many times a retaining wall may be thought of as a simple wall, but there are different styles that can be used in order to create a beautiful design that complements the look of your home and entire landscape. Whether you enjoy the appearance of stacked wall stone with plenty of texture or a smooth stone that is more sleek and modern, taking the choice of materials of the retaining wall into consideration will help to increase its aesthetic appeal.

5. Create a Multi-Tier Patio

If you have a yard that slopes or is quite large, but you do not know how to utilize the entire space, you can consider using multiple retaining walls to create a multi-tier patio design. A multi-tier patio design could allow you to break up your landscape into separate areas that can then have different elements—in effect creating a highly functional outdoor living space

The lower tier of your outdoor space could potentially have a swimming pool or fire pit, and then with the help of a beautifully designed retaining wall, you can have a small seating area with chairs and utilize the retaining wall for wall seating. Then a second retaining wall could open up space for steps that lead to an outdoor kitchen or dining area. This gives your guests the feel of outdoor “rooms” and allows for more intimate settings and privacy.


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