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A Paver Patio in the Granville County, NC, Area Will Quickly Become Your Favorite Place

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

A Paver Patio in the Granville County, NC, Area Will Quickly Become Your Favorite Place

Planning a multipurpose Granville County, NC, paver patio can increase the amount of time you spend outdoors. A professional landscape design would be the first step toward the type of outdoor living experience you seek, with the patio serving as your new favorite spot whenever you are home.

A Paver Patio for Lounging

When a landscape team knows that you plan to use your new paver patio for lounging, they can incorporate all the details to ensure comfort and convenience. By placing the paver patio directly outside the backdoor, you can easily step right out onto the patio for a nightcap under the stars.

This paver patio could have plenty of space for arranging furniture in comfortable groupings without feeling crowded, and it could include these features:

Water feature: Not only will the sound of spilling water be an enticement to relax and stay awhile, but the feature itself can add an interesting look to your new patio space. Landscape professionals can help you choose the style of water feature that best fits your patio aesthetic. Whether you want a trio of water spouts trickling from a retaining wall or a bubbling pot spilling over into the landscape bed, you will delight in the added sensory experience.

Retaining wall: Incorporating a retaining wall into your patio design can be another excellent addition. Constructed of natural or wall stone, a retaining wall can visually blend with your patio pavers to create a unified appearance, or you can choose a contrasting style of stone to set it apart visually.

The retaining wall can also add more seating for larger groups when you choose to entertain. Its smooth coping can become the ideal spot for placing drinks and appetizers where they can be easily accessed.

Entertaining on Your New Patio

There can be several ways to increase the entertaining options within your patio design. When you add one or more of these features, you and your guests can enjoy hours there in the comfort and convenience of your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor fire features: An outdoor fire feature can be situated at one end of the patio as a designated spot for enjoying the fire. Whether you choose to add a gas-fueled fire pit with plenty of space for sitting around the fire, or you’d rather have a fireplace that is the focal point in the outdoor area, having the option to turn on the fire at any time of year will be appreciated.

A wood-burning fireplace or fire pit can be an ideal spot to roast marshmallows with the kids and to make delicious s’mores. With a cabinet built into the retaining wall close to the fire area, you can keep all the supplies you need at hand for impromptu but memorable fun.

Outdoor bar: Having the convenience of cold and hot drinks on the patio can’t be beat. With an outdoor bar that matches the retaining wall, you can have space for a wine fridge, an ice machine, and a coffee bar.

When you work with your landscape professionals to outline your hopes for a new patio and outdoor living space, they can design and build exactly what you have in mind. From entertaining multiple people to spending a quiet moment at the end of the day, your new outdoor space can become your idea of perfection.

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