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A Sloped Backyard in Granville County and Caswell County, NC, Calls for Landscape Design Changes

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

A Sloped Backyard in Granville County and Caswell County, NC, Calls for Landscape Design Changes

If your home in Granville County or Caswell County, NC, has a steep slope in either your front or backyard, you may want to make some changes to open up more more functional spaces. In this article, we have outlined some of the landscaping design changes that we may recommend as well as why they are important.

Have a Retaining Wall Installed

A retaining wall can serve many functions, and breaking up the slope of your yard is just one of them. Retaining walls primarily help to keep soil in place, which is important because without some sort of a system or preventive measure in place, rainwater could cause the topsoil to run off. When the topsoil runs off, this leads to erosion, which can prevent vegetation from being able to grow and thrive.

Retaining walls can be installed in tiers that actually make the most of your yard’s slope. This solution can increase the usable areas of the yard so that you can incorporate new features such as an intimate patio or a flower bed.

Consider a Drainage System

Since erosion is a major concern in areas with a steep slope, we sometimes recommend considering a drainage system to prevent any problems. When water is directed through a drainage system, it can prevent water from pooling on your landscape and creating muddy or icy patches that are a nuisance. Stagnant water can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, an outcome that is best avoided whenever possible.

Uncontrolled water on a steep slope can also cause issues with any structures that are built at the base of it. You could experience flooding, which can lead to foundation problems. It is best to be proactive by having a drainage system installed so that you can avoid such problems in the future.

Have Stairs Installed

Being able to walk down a steep hill without feeling like you are going to tumble forward is definitely a plus. If your home is located on or near a steep slope, simply having stairs installed can make a big difference. You will be able to better navigate your front yard or backyard, which both you and your guests will be thankful for.

Stairs can be constructed out of various materials, including natural stone. The natural beauty of the stone will make your landscaping look beautiful, in addition to the general safety benefits of having stairs installed as part of a comprehensive landscape design plan.

Include Plenty of Plantings

Having a variety of plantings throughout your landscape can help with water management. More vegetation can mean there are more root systems to absorb rainwater, which can help prevent erosion and water pooling up in unwanted areas.

When you have a retaining wall installed, this gives you the opportunity to have a visually pleasing flower garden planted along or above the wall. Your landscapers can plant colorful flowers that can bloom throughout the seasons, as well as evergreen plants that will provide color to your landscaping even during the colder seasons. These professionals could create a plan that will make your garden thrive all year round.


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