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Drainage Isn’t a DIY Project! Here’s Why in Pittsylvania County, VA and Granville County, NC

Drainage Isn’t a DIY Project! Here’s Why in the Pittsylvania County, VA, and Granville County, NC, Areas

A beautiful landscape that you and your family can enjoy for years to come is something to be proud of. To ensure the beauty of your Pittsylvania County, VA, or Granville County, NC, landscape, proper drainage is a must. Poor drainage can cause many problems including damage to your home. Here’s why this responsibility is best left to the pros.

Customized Solutions Are Necessary

Every property is unique, so you need a drainage solution that is designed to work specifically for your property, depending on how water is currently draining and the slope of your landscape, among other factors.

Hiring a landscape contractor to advise and provide their expert opinion and drainage solution options will ensure that the ultimate solution you choose is backed by years of experience. This can eliminate further problems and will help you resolve the current drainage problem once and for all.

Extensive Damage Can Occur

Unfortunately when it comes to drainage problems, extensive damage can occur, including to your landscape beds or the integrity of your landscape. If you have been noticing pools of water long after a rainfall, for instance, there may be subsequent issues occurring to your landscape features or even the foundation of your home, such as mold, mildew, or worse.

Drainage Solutions

There are several different types of drainage solutions and systems that can be installed by your landscape contractor. The best option for your home will depend on your lawn’s individual needs.

French Drain

Poor grading of your property can quickly result in water pooling. The flooding can cause major problems for your lawn as well as all of your plantings. A French drain will help to draw away water from the areas it naturally pools and direct into a drainage area. When a French drain is installed, a trench will be dug and filled with rocks which allows it to filter soil and sediment while moving the water through a drain pipe. The water will then end up in a low-lying area where it will not cause issues.

Catch Basin

A catch basin can benefit your property as it will collect and draw away water from a flooded area. This type of drainage solution is typically a hole with a grate over it where excess water will flow into. The water is then moved to another area through an underground pipe.

Curtain Drain

Another type of drainage solution is a curtain drain. Curtain drains are quite similar to French drains, but they are typically installed at a shallow depth. The trench that is dug will be equipped with a pipe and then covered in rock. A curtain drain is beneficial if you have a lot of surface water that is collecting on your lawn.


A swale is a simple drainage solution that can be relatively low maintenance. Swales are large drainage ditches that are positioned in areas where water can be pushed along to another location. A swale can be designed to blend into your landscape with the addition of rock and plants.


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