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Drainage Problems? Why You Need to Hire an Expert in Halifax County and Pittsylvania County, VA

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Drainage Problems? Why You Need to Hire an Expert in Halifax County and Pittsylvania County, VA

If you think you might be having drainage problems in Halifax County and Pittsylvania County, VA, hiring an expert to get to the bottom of the issue is of the utmost importance. There is potentially serious damage that can occur from bad drainage, and the sooner you act the more likely the professionals will be able to prevent the worst.

In order to understand what can happen as a result of drainage problems, we have created this article explaining some of the consequences for your home and property if the problems are ignored. Reading this could inspire you to look into preventing damage, to protect your landscape and home.

Foundation Damage

One of the most serious and difficult consequences of poor drainage is that the foundation of your home could be affected. Foundation damage can affect your home in seemingly strange ways, such as doors and windows becoming difficult to open, cracks in the walls, and so on. Other issues can be much more obvious and more destructive. Modern, expertly implemented drainage solutions will keep water away from your home, and the foundation.

Pest Infestation

Excess water can attract unwanted pests or lead to openings in your foundation that welcome them in, including insects and rodents. Of course, you would not want your home to be hospitable to these creatures.

Basement Issues

When a property has drainage problems, the most likely place to see the effect is in the basement, as you may see pools of water, dampness, and even white stains that seem to grow on the walls of your basement after big rainstorms. These signs could turn into potential serious issues that need to be addressed by professionals.

Landscape Erosion

When you have invested in making your landscape look beautiful, you do not want a drainage problem to ruin any of it. Unmanaged water can strip away topsoil and mulch, and potentially cause other issues for the features in your landscape. An expertly planned and constructed retaining wall could address this problem, or another drainage solution may be necessary.


Mold is a top concern for many homeowners, and a drainage issue that has not been attended to can raise the risk of this growing inside the home. Mold spores can be detrimental to respiratory systems, and getting rid of mold in a home once it has taken hold is no easy task.

Wood Rot

When too much water seeps into wood, such as if you have wood in your basement or your old deck is constructed of wood and has not been maintained, it can suffer from structural damage. Unfortunately, wood rot can not always be seen, and some people do not notice it is an issue until someone falls through a weakened floor or old deck.

Damage to Old Structures

Water that doesn’t properly drain away from your driveway or patio could cause damage. Fortunately, modern, quality permeable pavers that minimize runoff, puddles, and ice could be a better solution, in addition to having professionals take a look at the state of your landscape’s overall drainage system. Landscape and drainage experts can address current drainage issues and help to prevent new ones.


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