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Refresh Your Outdoor Living With a New Landscape Design in Halifax County, VA

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Refresh Your Outdoor Living With a New Landscape Design in Halifax County, VA

If your Halifax County, VA backyard and outdoor space is not what you hoped it would be, refresh it with an outdoor living space and a new landscape design. As you gain the backyard you envision, a landscape professional can also solve any problems that prevent you from maximizing your property.

Drainage Issues

Water that is not draining properly from around your home and in the landscape can create quite the problem. Standing water can seep into the foundation of your home to reduce the soundness of the structure and it can introduce an opportunity for mold and mildew to take root.

Water left puddling in the yard can kill the grass there and cause the appearance of your yard to be less than desirable. A skilled landscape designer can remedy those issues to create and build the outdoor living space of your dreams.

With proper grading and drain installation when appropriate, they can eliminate that standing water that prevents your landscape vision from coming to fruition. Once the water problems are resolved, you can get to the best part of landscape design which is the planning and execution phase.

Patios and Outdoor Kitchens

Many homes have a patio that is actually a small concrete square large enough to hold a grill and maybe a chair. When you work with an expert landscape designer, they can take that unusable space, solve any water issues, and ensure perfect grading to build your dream patio and outdoor kitchen.

While a landscape professional offers many options for pavers, they will help you select the perfect outdoor paver surface to complement your home and planting design. Whether you want a classic brick paver or a sleek, modern monochromatic style, they can combine various pavers to create a unique surface that draws the eye and pleases the senses.

From laying patterns to borders and designs, your patio can reflect your taste and sophistication.

  • To separate the outdoor kitchen from the main patio space, a landscape designer can add a step up from the expansive patio for a visual and physical designation of a new functional space. There, you can have grill station with ample counterspace for food preparation and serving. Depending on your needs, you can incorporate a small refrigerator to keep items cold and a lovely bar space for outdoor dining in addition to the comfortable patio furniture.

  • Consider also having your landscape professional cover the outdoor kitchen with a pergola or roof. This can be another ingenious way to protect you from the hot sun and add a vertical element to the horizontal patio design.

  • You might also discuss incorporating a fire pit on the opposite side of the patio for the warmth and ambient light a fire can bring to any outdoor space. You can have them add a low retaining wall to the fire pit space for extra seating by the fire. This can be a winning combination of outdoor living spaces.

Landscape Planting Plans

When a landscape designer finishes your new backyard spaces with strategic shrubs, gorgeous perennial and annual flowers, and plenty of grassy space for the kids to play, your new backyard can be a haven for your family and friends. Finish with landscape lighting, and you can stay outdoors as long as you like.


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