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What Drainage Solutions Work Best for a Lakeside Home in Person County, NC?

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

What Drainage Solutions Work Best for a Lakeside Home in Person County, NC?

Protecting the investment of your lakeside home in Person County, NC, requires paying attention to certain aspects of your property. One of those can be to find which drainage solutions work best for your home and landscape. When you get the help of a professional drainage solutions company, you can rest easy that your problems will be resolved.

Problems From Poor House and Landscape Drainage

The problems you face with standing water and runoff include damage to the integrity of your house’s foundation and a ruined landscape. Improper drainage can leave your home and property vulnerable to safety and health issues, as well as costly remedies.

There are some factors that can contribute to poor drainage:

  • Heavy, clay-based soil

  • Improper grading of the terrain

  • Sloping the stormwater toward an area where there is no drainage

  • Incorrectly draining gutters

  • Compacted subsoil

A skilled drainage professional can assess the drainage problems to recommend long-term solutions that fix water issues permanently.

Corrections for Drainage Issues in a Lakeside Property

Depending on the exact issue, a drainage company can provide a remedy that diverts the water away from your home and landscape. Here are some ways they can help:

Slope corrections: Sometimes, a lakeside property does not drain toward the water but is too flat or slopes the wrong way to disperse the water efficiently. A drainage solution can be to regrade the terrain so the water is moving away from the structures and toward an acceptable place to drain.

Retaining walls: Stone retaining walls have long proven how effective they can be to divert stormwater from rushing down a hill to erode the grass and dirt, leaving a mess behind. A drainage expert can design and build a stone retaining wall that holds back the earth while providing built-in drains that catch the water and send it elsewhere.

While a retaining wall can be quite effective, the stone texture and laying pattern can add a gorgeous element to your landscape to disguise the reason it was built—to fix the water problem.

Shoreline stabilization solutions: If your home is near the lake shoreline and erosion is a serious problem, a drainage expert can suggest the best remedy for this. Slowing the erosion rate is crucial to a successful shoreline erosion problem. The possible fixes are:

  • A stone retaining wall can be a great way to stop shoreline erosion.

  • Planting native vegetation can slow the erosion rate through the roots protection of the land when storms and high winds buffet the shore.

  • Erosion control matting is another effective way to begin growing native plants that can withstand the climate conditions and slow erosion over time.

  • A stone and natural vegetation combination can be a solution for slowing erosion with the stone to buffer the water and the plants to hold the soil in a stable condition.

In your search for the right drainage company, you’ll want to look for the level of skill and expertise required to find viable solutions to water problems specifically for a lakeside lot and home. They need to understand how erosion can cause damage in the terrain to suggest the proper solution that will serve you well for years.

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