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Why Retaining Walls and a Paver Patio Pair Well Together in the Alton, VA Area

Why Retaining Walls and a Paver Patio Pair Well Together in the Alton, VA Area

When you combine retaining walls and paver patio in your Alton, VA area landscape design, the end result can be a functional and beautiful outdoor live space that is more diverse than you might have thought possible. Here are some reasons why the combination of these two masonry features can be ideal:

Creating an Ideal Entertainment Space

The combination of a paver patio and retaining walls can help to establish an outdoor entertaining space that everyone is sure to enjoy. Your paver patio will provide a place to sit and relax with friends and family members, while the retaining walls can help to enclose this outdoor space and make it a designated entertainment spot. The walls can also add vertical interest in a mostly flat area. You might also consider the addition of other landscape features such as a fire pit, outdoor lighting, plantings, and paver walkways leading to and from your patio.

Additional Seating

Although you might already have or are planning for an outdoor kitchen and outdoor dining area on your paver patio, a retaining wall can expand your seating options even further. Retaining walls are not only good for soil erosion, but they can enclose spaces and provide the added seating that you might be lacking.

If you host a party at your home and all of the chairs are filled up, party guests can sit on top of the retaining wall for extra seating options. The addition of some cushions can make the area extra comfortable for guests when they need to sit.

Display Plantings

When you add a retaining wall around your paver patio, it can create an opportunity for a beautiful soil shelf at the top of the retaining wall for you to display additional plantings. Colorful flowers and added greenery can provide an aesthetically pleasing focal point for you and your guests to enjoy. Retaining walls can also provide a good place for training creeping greenery such as ivy, to dress up the masonry blocks or natural stone.

Protection From Soil Erosion

When you choose to have a retaining wall around your paver patio, you are deciding to keep soil and mulch in place for the adjacent garden or planting beds. Not only will a retaining wall potentially keep soil erosion from impacting your patio space, but when it is built close to your home, it can also protect your home’s foundation from being affected by soil erosion.

Aesthetic Appeal

The functionality of a paver patio combined with a retaining wall is worthwhile, but these masonry structures can also elevate the view of your outdoor space. The retaining wall and paver patio can be designed and built using materials in similar color tones and styles, for a cohesive appearance. For two distinct masonry features, you could opt for contrasting colors so that each has their own individual style.


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