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Freshen Up Your Landscape Design This Fall in Person County, NC

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Freshen Up Your Landscape Design This Fall in Person County, NC

A new landscape design can transform your Person County, NC, property, this fall could be an opportune time to start planning it. Here are multiple ways to freshen up your landscape and turn it into more of an outdoor living space.

An Expansive Patio

The best outdoor living can happen on a new, expansive paver or natural stone patio. This can be where you want to start as you work with your landscaper to update your backyard and improve its functionality as well. A landscape designer can recommend the perfect surface for your patio area, one that repels stains and spills to stay looking gorgeous for years.

You can elevate a patio by choosing a retaining wall that offers increased privacy and coziness. A retaining wall can blend with the patio paver or natural stone surface to create a practically uniform appearance. You can also choose a contrasting stone to make the wall distinct from the patio.

Built of stacked stone or wall stone, a retaining wall can be various heights to accommodate your particular needs. If one side of the patio is close to a nearby neighbor, a landscape designer can raise the height there to screen the patio from view. The other parts of the wall can be lower to increase seating space for larger groups when you entertain.

A soothing water spout can occupy the taller portion of the retaining wall. There is where a landscape designer can incorporate a trio of water spouts that spill into a trough below. Water features use recirculating water so you have minimal maintenance for a dramatic addition to your patio.

Another excellent addition to the tall wall section can be an outdoor fireplace. The unmatched warmth and ambiance of an outdoor fireplace can draw you and your family outside on a nice evening to sit by the fire and catch up with one another.

The outdoor fireplace can become the focal point of the patio area. When your landscaper designates different functional areas within the patio, you can have two distinct spaces for relaxing at the end of a hectic week.

Outdoor Living Features Are Customizable

Remember when you work with a landscape designer that every outdoor living space is customizable. You can mix and match patio pavers for unique design and then echo the same color tones in the wall stone and brick selections that create the retaining wall and outdoor fireplace.

Other areas to consider as part of a new landscape design can be walkways. While a walkway might not seem important, they are the way each backyard space connects to the others. Many times, a walkway can be too narrow for movement.

A landscape professional can extend the same or similar pavers or natural stone to the walkways to create a seamless outdoor space. This can be the ideal time to widen the walkways to a comfortable 4 feet so that you and your guests can chat while you walk side-by-side.

Outdoor Lighting

The perfect finishing touch to your new outdoor living design can be landscape lighting. Not only can strategic landscape lighting illuminate crucial parts of the landscape, but lighting the patio, walkways, and other spaces can give you a more enjoyable way to move about the darkened outdoor areas. Even when you glance out over the new landscape, the outdoor lighting can make your yard look magical.


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