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New Home Purchase in Halifax County, VA? Here Is What to Look For in Proper Drainage

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

New Home Purchase in Halifax County, VA? Here Is What to Look For in Proper Drainage

As you plan a new Halifax County, VA, home purchase, something you might not think about much is proper drainage. However, good drainage can protect your landscape design and structures from ongoing issues. Here is what to look for in drainage to avoid potentially costly problems.

House and Other Buildings Water Issues

Standing water around your house and other structures on your property such as garages and outbuildings can bring costly repairs that you can avoid with proper drainage. When the stormwater sits at the foundation of your home, the water can seep into the walls and basement.

Once there, the moisture that sits in the woodwork and other areas can be the ideal opportunity for mold and mildew to grow. When you notice the mildew smell, it can be too late to prevent this from happening. That is why you should pay attention to where the water goes during a rainstorm.

If you notice the water does not drain away from the foundation, there are remedies a drainage contractor can employ to correct the standing water.

  • Regrade the areas around the foundation to redirect the stormwater to drain away from the house.

  • Add drainage pipes to the downspouts and bury them along the yard to empty the stormwater away from the house and landscape design.

  • Install a swale, which is a small trench lined with smooth stone, to give the water a way to flow away from the foundation of the house and any other structures.

Slope Corrections for Better Drainage

Anytime you have a slope in the landscape, this can cause stormwater to flow in the wrong direction. This can be especially true when the slope is in the backyard and slants toward the house.

A drainage contractor will regrade the slope to send the run-off to a better location. They may also recommend designing and installing a stacked stone retaining wall to give your property more useful outdoor space.

A retaining wall can be an excellent addition to the landscape as the wall construction can address the fast-flowing water with built-in drains that funnel the water to better places. A retaining wall can also increase the functional landscape spaces since the slope will be reduced. Since the retaining wall is built of beautiful stone, or the look of stone, it can give the previously difficult space an attractive focal point.

Correct Shoreline Erosion

Shoreline erosion can reduce the value of your property and ruin the landscape plans you have for this outdoor area. A drainage contractor has solutions for shoreline erosion and deterioration.

One way to remedy the erosion can be for them to design and build a retaining wall near the shoreline. Along the base of the wall, they can add smooth stone to slow the sand and dirt erosion. This combination can look natural along the water’s edge while halting the gradual reduction of shoreline.

Another remedy can be to design and install a landscaped space that looks like part of the overall design, but is intended to provide a way to add support along the edges of your landscape. This way, when waves wash up, they hit rock without reaching the yard and other landscaped spaces. This erosion control plan could actually add more interest and beauty to your property.


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